Kromex® Certifications

  • Patented technology
  • Automotive grade
  • Outdoor resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

Patented technology

Kromex® is a revolutionary and patented technology in the emblems manufacturing field since 2005.. Its unique and innovative processes are protected by patents, ensuring that Kromex® stands apart as a cutting-edge solution. With its patented status, Kromex® offers a level of exclusivity and reliability, making it a trusted choice for achieving exceptional results in emblem production.

Automotive Grade

Kromex® is certified as automotive grade. This means it meets the rigorous quality and performance standards required in the automotive industry. The automotive grade certification of Kromex® ensures that emblems produced using this technology conform to the specific requirements of the automotive sector, ensuring durability, strength, and superior quality. You can rely on Kromex® to provide emblems that meet the highest standards of the automotive industry.

XENOTEST (Automotive Cycle)

SAE J1960 – SAAB 102
( 102min light dry + 18 min light rain )


SAE J1976
( Direct Inland, 45° South Florida )

XENOTEST (Marine Cycle)

SAE J1960 – SAAB 102
( 90min light dry + 30 min dark rain )


SAE J1976
( Direct weathering, 45° South Arizona )

Weatherometer QUV-A

ASTM G151-SAE J2020 340 nm
( 8h at 70°+ 4h at 50°condensation)


SAE J1976
( Direct weathering, 45° South Arizona )

Chemical resistance

Kromex® exhibits high chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications where emblems may come into contact with various chemicals. The materials used in Kromex® emblems are specially formulated to withstand exposure to chemicals, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining the emblem’s appearance and performance over time

Abrasion resistance

Kromex® offers exceptional abrasion resistance. Thanks to its formulation and the high-quality materials used, Kromex® emblems maintain their integrity even in the presence of friction and wear. This abrasion resistance ensures that Kromex® emblems retain their appearance and performance over time, preserving their durability and resistance to wear even in demanding conditions of use. You can rely on Kromex® to provide durable and long-lasting emblems that remain unchanged even in challenging environments.





Thermal resistance

Kromex® exhibits excellent thermal resistance, making it suitable for applications where emblems may be exposed to high or sub-zero temperatures. The materials used in Kromex® emblems are carefully selected and designed to withstand varying temperatures without compromising their integrity or appearance. Whether in automotive, industrial, or other environments with low or high temperatures, Kromex® emblems maintain their strength, performance, quality, and visual appeal even in changing thermal conditions.



( TSM7508 Rev.6 – Oct 2005 )



We are certified

The materials we create are thoroughly tested both in internal and external laboratories simulating real working conditions of the emblems.

RoHS (2002/95/EC)

TUV Laboratory certified
for Heavy Metals content

Phthalates ( 2005/84/EC)

No phthalic plasticizers
(TUV certified)

ELV (2000/53/EC) – GADSL

IMDS registered


(Substances Control Law 2004)
No phthalic plasticizers
(TUV certified)

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